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The best way to change the world is to change yourself. – Joe Cross
Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead is a documentary about making powerful choices to live healthier.  This movie is one of many movies that raises awareness about the possibility of healing a sick body and achieving optimal human health.  Other recent releases include Forks Over Knives, Food, Inc. and Food Matters.
The movie mixes in real-life footage with cartoon animation to educate others on human health, disease and nutrition.    A powerful impact is made by showing real-life examples of personal responsibility to living healthy before it is too late.
Synopsis:  Joe Cross, an Australian bloke, takes us through his journey as he travels across the United States by car to share with others his juicing methods to heal the body.  Joe experienced a health scare with a disease and in turn that helped motivate him to take this journey on.  Along the way, the responses from people are anywhere from having genuine interest to intense cognitive dissonance about how a human being can intake 100% fruits & vegetables.

The most powerful moments of the film are when Joe meets Phil Staples, a truck driver, and talks to him about his personal health journey.   Joe shows Phil what he is doing with his health by juice fasting and it became a learning opportunity.   Syncronicity occurs since both Joe and Phil have a rare auto-immune disorder that has gotten worse over time.   Joe and Phil are unhappy about the results of their poor eating habits and the fact they are constantly taking pills.
After meeting Joe, Phil reaches out to Joe for help.   This was a courageous & possibly life-saving event, especially since Phil had been experiencing life as an obese person and things were not improving.   I will allow you to experience his journey.  Let me state that Phil’s experience and his results of drinking fresh juice from fruits & vegetable for 2 months are phenomenal.  You must see it to believe it!
Before/after photos, like the one in the above movie poster, help show us positive growth & change.   This allows us to see that healthy living is attainable and that we can achieve what we want by learning how & then simply doing it. This is outlined by Dr. Joel Furhman in this movie, who Krista Richards & I watched speak at the most recent Healthy Lifestyle Expo.
One main message from the film is that physical & life transformations are possible. It also freshly repeats the facts of the many benefits of eating fruits & vegetables.  Plus how we can choose to live a vibrant life emotionally, physically & beyond. Improving one’s life is a part of the human experience once there is recognition that personal transformation is ultimately up to YOU!
This movie is in the constantly growing field of movies, books, success stories, case studies and research of the benefit of Plant Powered Living.
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Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead is available to stream or purchase on Amazon.   Please post your comments below on your reactions to the film.  


Mean Green Recipe:

6 Leaves Kale

1 Cucumber

4 Stalks Celery

2 Green Apples

1/2 Lemon

1 Piece Ginger

An Abundance of Love


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