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My path towards wellness started almost 8 years ago upon realization that I had a problem with alcohol and needed to quit.  I have been sober for nearly 8 years and I believe my journey began when I quit drinking alcohol and it is still evolving today.

After I became sober I went through a number of life-changing experiences including marriage, children, divorce, financial struggles and re-marriage. Throughout all of this I sustained a considerable amount of psychological stress on my body. I credit the practice of yoga with being able to help me positively manage stressors in my life. This is such a critical component of my overall well-being and I find that I quickly become paralyzed by life if I am not able to effectively manage stress in my life. I currently practice yoga daily, I enjoy running, cross-training and most recently started P90X training.

When I saw what my friend, DTO (Dave the Organism) and others were up to with Plant Powered Living, I knew that this was an excellent way for all of us to pool together our vast reservoirs of energy and bring our message of healing and hope to those that are suffering the adverse effects of the standard American diet (S.A.D.)

My personal experience with plant powered living started about 3 years ago when I made a conscious decision to stop eating animals. I am not sure what prompted me to stop except it seemed to conflict with the healthy lifestyle that I was trying to attain. My family was plagued with health issues including lung cancer (which took the life of my father), Digestive disorders, Arthritis, Renal Failure (and subsequent Kidney transplantation donated by my Mother to by Brother) and many other health issues. I was a smoker and shortly after I quit eating animals I gave up smoking as well.

About a year after I gave up eating animals I was presented with a copy of “The China Study” by my father-in-law who follows a vegan lifestyle.  I humored him and decided to read the book.  I was fascinated by the content and made a personal resolution to become vegan before I was halfway done with the book.  I have maintained this vegan lifestyle since my initial exposure to “The China Study” and have expanded the scope of my vegan lifestyle to all areas of my life. I do not believe that non-human animals are for our use for any reason including food, entertainment, clothing or research. I have taken part in many peaceful demonstrations in support of animal rights and I am a current member of the Animal Rights Coalition based in Minneapolis, MN.

Most recently I was selected to be PETA’s Sexiest Vegetarian Next Door and my wife and I won a trip to Hawaii! 

Currently I am following Douglas Graham’s 80/10/10 Raw Vegan diet and consume mostly fruit with a balance of greens and fresh vegetables. My fitness levels are increasing as my 36 year old body starts to resemble that of a much younger person. I have experienced near limitless amounts of energy and want to be able to share my experience, strength and struggles with others who are looking to improve their lifestyle and live a compassionate life free of any and all animal products.

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